AddressBook's Functions
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The AddressBook is available in three different versions Standard, Professional and Office. Below you will find a table that points out the exact differences between the three versions.

Which AddressBook 
suits you best??
Administration of private addresses . . .
Number of databases (mandators) 1 ~ ~
Number of addresses per database 500 2000 ~
32 Bit for Windows 95/98/XP X X X
In several langages (D, E) X X X
On-Line Help (D, E) X X X
Accesses TwixTel X X X
Passport size picture to each address X X X
Copies addresses from different files. X X X
Automatic postal code and residence listing for Switzerland X X X
Print on envelopes X X X
Label generator (arbitrary format, writing, contents) X X X
Print labels with position marks X X X
Printing from lists X X X
Filters after all entering fields X X X
Filters addresses AND/OR links X X X
Filter key memory X X X
Several filter keys per address (approx. 40 keys) X X X
Import data in ASCII format X X X
Export data in ASCII format X X X
Export data in Excel format X X X
Export data in Winword format X X X
Export data to Access X X X
Export data to Dbase III & IV X X X
Export data to Delrina bis 7.0 X X X
Export data to Lotus Organizer 1.0 / 2.0 X X X
Export data to Trio Data Fax (Communication Suite 5.0) X X X
Export data directly to Excel spreadsheet X X X
Export data to Ericsson Mobile Phone X X X
Export data in FoxPro 2.0 / 2.5 / 2.6 Format X X X
Export data in Paradox 4.x / 3.x Format X X X
Export data to US Robotics Pilot X X X
Three customizable input fields X X X
Input fields for Home-Page and E-Mail addresses X X X
Verwaltung von Privat- und Geschäftsadressen . . .
Password protection . X X
Document administration . X X
Allocation of individual work authorizations . X X
Notebook to each address (text as long as needed ) . X X
Filters after contents of the notebooks . X X
Picture file in the notebook . X X
Send E-Mail . X X
Internet Home-Page autostart . X X
Automatic birthday reminder . X X
Provide birthday list of the whole year at push of a button . X X
Serial letters generation with Winword directly from the AdressBook . X X
Import from intermediate files . X X
Supply several addresses in the same time . X X
Import directly from Excel spreadsheet . X X
Network functioning . . X
Double control within a database . . X
Data synchronization with TwixTel CD-ROM . . X
Accesses TwixTel and imports up to 1000 addresses . . X
Automatic telephone dialling with modem . . X
Telephone check list . . X

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