The AddressBook's Interfaces
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maske_main.gif (45385 Byte)The main window of the AddressBook is divided into three parts.

(upper left partl)
The input part clearly diplayed and permits quick data retrieval. (addresses can to be taken directly from the TwixTel/C Tel and not have thus to be entered. In addition one can easily retrieve an address,e.g. simply input a telephone number, press Enter and the whole address isalready filled out .)

(upper right part)
The card index list enables you to find quickly an address from the addressbook. You can select for example only customers, suppliers, club members or another address category..

(the lower part is visible only when TwixTel is in the disk drive)
Here the search results are displayed directly by TwixTel. The table can be sorted as you wish. With the Office Version you can import all the addressee in the AddressBook database.

maske_export.gif (35582 Byte)Die The addresses can be exported in Excel, Winword, Organizer, ASCII, DBase, Access and other formats. You can send addresses to Excel with just one mouse click. AddressBook starts Excel automatically and displays directly in Excel the table with the desired addresses.

maske_geburts.gif (20384 Byte) AddressBook can remind you optionally of birthdays. You can define how many days before the birthday you would like to be reminded. With just one mouse click you can obtaia clear birthday list.

maske_notiz.gif (39748 Byte) jTo each address you can attach notes e.g. telephone calls, minutes of the meetings, agreements etc.. Text can be added as much as you need. Additionally you can put down pictures in the book also.

maske_passwort.gif (24401 Byte) The password protection function of the AddressBook permits the definition of multiple users per data base. For each user you can assign exactly what he may or may not do over the data base e.g. cannot delete data, cannot read the note books etc.

maske_drucken.gif (22999 Byte) You can print lists, labels, envelopes and serial letters. In the AddressBook 20 different ready made lists are available (e.g. for the time system). You can print addresses directly on envelopes. 

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